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    June 26, 2018
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Sponsored content For headache prevention, identifying triggers is key Many people suffer from headaches, but it's important to know what brings them on as well as the symptoms of more severe headaches that may require medical attention ht to you by Kaher P Beadaches are one of the most coennson medical prob ems,but hiw do you kn when a headache is serions noagh to seek medkal attention? Not everyone esperieneres beadaches, and for sone they ave several a week, sakl Dr. Patricia Dedagm, Family Medicine Plasician aa Kaise Pemanente's Priseo Medical The most conmmon typs of healaches are sinus, tension, hen there is infection or pressure in the sinuses accond- ing to Harvanl Medial School Tension headaches strike hen the nases in the heoad and neck tighten. Micrains ome on when sper-sensitive erve endinigs in the brain WHAT ARE YOUR HEADACHE TRIGGERS? Write down the characteristics of your headaches induding their fsequency, duration, intensity,as welthe clecumstances sumounding your headaches including Changes in the patten of headaches, an unusually severe headache, and headaches that come on abruptly are causes for concern. You should see your doctor if you have these symptoms The causes of headaches anen't fuly undestood-there alsoconr with ooughing and nasal discharge but there are n triggers such as alcohol, food ad sddenly and can happen in "clustens, such as weeks or Learning lifestyle modificatices and how to manage people grt elaster beadaches, and they'ne mor in are more than aoo tyes of healaches but only 10 percentluster headaches deliver intense pain that's usally Stress leve desager, thirst, lack of seep or stress, ammnng othe, months, befone nesolsing, Dictgen sail. One in 1a0o will helPalleviate froprney and symptems," Drtzgen men than wounrn. Once you recognize a pattem, you ll be able to avoid these triggers and prevent future beadaches. It's important to see a doctor if you have the following headache HOW TO TREAT OR MANAGE HEADACHES SYMPTOMS AND SEVERITY Changes in the pattern o s, an uisl ension, or stress, howlaches are an everyday-type bsaulache for some people, Dietrgen said. PReople tese their qses for coesen neck, shoulders and scalp, and some people abo dec their jaw or grind their teeth when stressed severe headache and eadaches that come on arupthy are Headaches that first develop afher age 50 A major change in the pattenn of your headachese An unusually severe worst headache ever Waking up with a headache,or hawing headache during the night can be worrisome symptoms, and you shoukd se These types of headaches can feel like a band spuezing and can also be associated with neck pain, neck and spper back spasns she sald. Thse headaches can be sporadk but for some people, they oeeur daily PPain that increases with coughing or movement Headaches that get steadly worse your dos t People who take daily medication or too noch molia- tion might suffer from wat's called rebound melication beadaches andd shoakl also see a doetor Changes in personality or mental function Headaches that are accompanied by fever, stiff neck, confusion, decreased alertness or memory ore cularhes aresften ccompanied by many neurologicalsymptoms uch as visual disturbances slumed speech weakness, numbness, or seicures Headaches that are accompaned by a pairdundeye Trcking headadhe triggers is important for anyone wh a beadathe diary to ilentify headache trigos and Im- mpcons, Ditogen sad ty'n ofen peded what's callel an aurs, which can be owrything fetires fnpnt headaches etgn adlbiss heping ashing light to deervase in visin Migraines ean last up to several lays, whichs is why i is so imporlant to becoone familiar with your particular migraine pattem, to arn whes it willoccur so that you alacho, shail. Gelling adoquate can take medication as soon as poessiileshe said1This skep and correct posture are also important bolps minimize the actual migraine as well as decreasesHeadache waming signs that need imenediate medical thekngthofline yu hne it. Koling a h alsche diary will often alert you to migraine and beadace trigeadaches persistent headaches, and headaches accom d them Headlaches that are accompanied by pain and tenderness near the temples Headaches after a blow to the head Heldaches that prevent normal dalyactivities Head des that come on abrupt . especiay d they Staying well hydeated with non-catenated drinks will attentin m l uhkn sim heul adi nihun krdap Headaches in patents with cancer or impaired facial paralyss or limb paralysis Thes there ane headaches thait can result fromm infes p with tion - sinmes beadaches which feel like there's a steady hese are emengent and shouild be nvalated at the sensation of peessure that's worse whille bending over. They emergency room, Diclagen said ystems thrive 2261 Court Solt 104 Frko,Co 8044 KAISER PERMANENTE