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    May 29, 2018
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Health Do you know your risk for stroke? Sponsored content May is American Stroke Month By Lauren Glendennin ought toyouby Kaiset Pee Dd you know that stroke is largely peeventable, and even after one has occurrel, it's alus treatalk if you actquikh? u's estimated that up to 80 peneent of strokes ay b ea and three out of four fiest strokes are associ ted with high ood pressure. The rason theres a statistie tialer sitke, amndng 1.Ihr American Sinke Avoi. n the brain, The sg of a strke incode a sudden, s usion,ouhle walking or talkingz, disziness and Surns eech, according to the Stroke Health Centeron WebMD Dr. Patricia Dietepm, Family Medicine ysician it Kaiser Permanentes Friso Medical Oissid risks for roke inlade hypertension, diabetes, smokling,elevated bolesterol aed obesity She said the mast common symptoons indude the face one side iht droop or ook irregular-arm weakness and slurred speech 'scritical to get medical intervention right away to everse the phoklem and minimine log-term damagese akl. 0 WHAT IS STROKE? Stroke is a disease that affects the arteries that l to and reside within the brain, acconding to the Ameri an Stroke Association, When a blood vessel tha carrie onyge and nutrients to the beain gets Mocked by a cotor noptures, part of the brain can't get the blood and ogen it eels causing it and brain cells to die When its a clot that obstructs ood flow to the bruin ures and presents Hood flkm, this is called a heohk trode, acconding to the Amser Stoke Association Doctors might order a brain scan i a stroke is suspected to determine whether theee's bleeding in the brain or damage to the brain cells. Wheee a stroke occurs also produces different etleets Becambe the brain controls cur bodly's functionitg the o cation of the stroke in the brain will coerelate to sympton in the body controlleat y that port of the brain The effecis of a stroke lepenl primarily on the kocation of the ostradion and the ete d hrain tissae affected cconding to the American Stroke Association Nearly 800,000apitely 795000I people in the United States have a sroke every year with about three in four being fist-time strokes Stroke is the No.5 cause of death in the United States killing nearly 130000 people a year (128.98 Thar's one in every 20 "A stroke in the right side of the brain often results in aid. A troke in the eft side of the brain could resault in menory PREVENTION AND TREATMENT Someone in the United States has a stroke every 40 seconds Every four minutes, someone dies of stroke Stroke is a leading cause of long-tem disability and the leading preventable cause of disablity More women than men have strokes each year, in part because women Iive on Estimates of the oveall annual incidence of stroke in US children are 64per 300,000 children 0 to 15 yearst, with approximately half being hemorrhagic strokes 87%ofstrokes are clashed asichermic. Anischermic stroke occurs when a clot or a massblocksablood vessel cuttingoff blood flow to oes. ing a healthy lifedrk-nting nutritissux6HK ls, nerrising, maintaining a healthy Ily werght anel other aclors- is the most common way to prevent mar diocass and stoke is no diferent, The Eactors that ad to rke hypestension, diabetes, sg, igh cholestel lobsity-ane all preventable apart of the brain African-Americans are more impacted by stroke thanany other racial group within the American population Sree Aericon StreAociotion Seek treatnent as soon as peosible to minimine ng pressure on the brain Ie's never too late to tum your lfestye habits and and ters damage Dictrgen said. Treatmest dependson theIEyou're worried that yu coukl he at risk for strvida e make daily chages that will contribute to oserall health teof strule. or an seee stre, Nood fom needs to Ditngn sal it's importan to se yor doctor to diseus If it's alrealy tow late and yww ce someone yon know has and the co must be boe hmn oe ahempatine care and assess your risk sperienced stroke, time is of the esee Thrive KAISER PERMANENTE Court Solt 104 Frko,Co 8044 vd Edwards, Co 81632 2261