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    July 24, 2018
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Sponsored content 300 million people unknowingly have hepatitis World Hepatitis Day is July 28 HEPATITIS SYMPTOMS Brought to you by Kaise P Hepatitis is a medical term we've all likely heard since an early age, but did you know that 300 million people re living with viral hepatitis around the world without lepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. While heavy leohol use, medications or some medical conditions can cause hepatitis, it's usually caused by one of five vinases bepatitis A, B, C, D and E Kaiser Permanente physicians promote education and in order to stop the spread JULY Everyone should be vacci- nated for bepatitis A and B said Dr. Patricia Dtagen, 8 WORLD HEPATITIS DAY Family Medicine Physician at Medieal Oflices. You can also receive type of vaccine if you are exposed to Hep B and have not beenp vaccinat- ed. This can help prevent While there is no current vac- cine available for hepatitis Chisan lead to scarring, or hardening of the liver hosis and decreased liver function, and there is also elves and prevent the spread of this dangerous disease. an increased risk of liver cancer,' she said Viral hepatitis is one of the leading causes of death"Thegood news is there is a very effective vaccine for lobally, accounting for 1.34 million deaths per year.hepatitis B to the World Hepatitis Allianee, a nonprot Hepatitis C is contracted through needles and is much that works to eliminate the disease woeldwide THE A, B, Cs OF HEPATITIS Hepatitis A Es primarily spread person-to-person by ngesting fecal matter. This can happen through contact develop a chronic infection. Dietrgen said anyone born with objects, food or drinks that have been contamib nated by an infeeted person's feces, according to theto see if they've been exposed to hepatitis C. This gea- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention more severe. If left untreated, it ean lead to chroaie iv er disease. The CDC reports that about 75 to 85 percent of the people who become infected with bepatitis c will between 1945 and 1965 should have at least one lab test eration has the most cases of the diseasse, likely becasse Hepatitis is an infammation ofthe liver. While heavy acoholuse, medications or some medical condtions can cause hepatitis, it's usually caused by one of five viruses Risks of contracting hepatitis A are higher in people ood screening methods were not well established for who travel to countries with less hygiene, inject ill rugs, children in dayeare or adults in institutions, Di- tagen said, adding that there is a vaceine for hepatitis A available as a two part series Hepatitis B is spread when blood, semen or other bodily fluids from an infeeted person enter the body of someone who is not infected. Hepatitis C is spread when blood from an infeeted person enters the body of someone who is not infeeted People can transmit hepatitis A before they have symp- toms or know they have the discase, Foods ineluding donating blood back then, she said. hepatitis A, B, C. Dand E HEPATITIS FACTS AND FIGURES: Together hepatis B virus and negabtsC cause80%ofher cancer casesin theworld Hepatis B and Ccause 13 million deaths per year-more than HMVAIDS, tuberculoss or malaria Globaly 90% of people lvng with hepatts Band 80% hing with hepatitis C arenware they are livingwith the disease. Chronic hepatiis Band Careife-threabeninginfectious diseases that cause serious liver damage, cancer,and premature death, More than 300 million people are infected with the hepatitis 8 vins or the hepasiis Cvius World Hepatisis Day is recognized anmualy on July 28, the birthday of Dr, Baruch Blumberg whodscovered the hepatitis virus in 1967, developed the first hepatitis B vaccine two years later, and for these achievements won the Nobel Prize Vital hepatitissamong the top 10rfectos dese aers with more than one maon people d ingeach year from chronik viralhepatitis. These deaths areprimarly from cinosor liver cancer caused by hepatitis B and hepateC Chronic hepatitis B and chronic hepatitis C cause approximately 60%of her cancer cases. HepatitisA and hepatitis 8 can be prevented with safe, effective vaccine Treatments areavalable for hepatitis C that can cure the disease. More than95% of people withheptts C can be completely cured within 2to 3 months. vegetables, water, ice and shelofish harvested from ntaminated water can carry the disease," Dietzgen aid. "Most people are able to fight off the illness after few day,andsome may need s apport ne care sechas IV fluids or anti-asea medication Rarely are there ong-term consequences, but it is highly infectious atitis B- which is spread by contact with bodily uids, open sores or blood froms an infected person- an be more serious than A. Dietagen said that most people are able to fight off the disease on their ow in a ew months, but about & to t0 perest of people developSoue ioyoge Centersf Dsase Control and Prewwtion Court Suite 104 rnco,co 0443 KAISER PERMANENTE