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We’re one of Colorado’s premium marijuana dispensaries (voted Vail, Colorado’s #1 dispensary five years running), with a space designed to connect you to your roots through our unique on-site cultivation viewing experience. Let our budtenders guide you through High Country Healing’s array of cannabis goods. We’re passionate, educated, and excited to share our knowledge with you. We’ll break down the finer points of every product to help you find a selection that’s just right. Floor to ceiling glass in our reception area lets you get up close and personal with our in-house strains. Take photos in our show grow, or reserve your hand-selected flower for pick-up after it’s cured and harvested. Our team proudly helps customers explore the world of cannabis. Whether you’re a first-time consumer or seasoned pro, our budtenders are here to help you shop. They’ve been voted the #1 budtenders two years in a row. Our team is always on hand to present detailed, thoughtful reflections on every stocked product, so you can trust that you’ve made the right choice.